Baby shark party ideas
Image result for baby shark partyA baby shark party derives its origin from the song baby shark. It is an educational song which means that if you have children it is likely to have heard it. The song is about a shark family. The following are baby shark party ideas that will help you through a great birthday for your kid.
  1. Jaw-some birthday party photo booth props kit
It has 20 shark zone photo booth prop kit. It contains 20 wooden dowel sticks as well as stickers. They are perfect for both adults and kids birthday parties. You should take several funny but entertaining photos and share them with family. There are several ways you can use. You can use them at home, school or at work. You can add some of these photo booth props to vases or candy jars to make the scene more interesting. How to assemble them You need to use the stickers on the printed DIY photo booth props on the wooden dowels. Attach one by one while checking on the decoration.
  1. Tableware party kit
It has different colors and include16 dinner and dessert plates. It has 16 cups, 16 forks, 16 spoons, and 16 lunch napkins. A table cloth closes this kit’s list. It is ideal for sharks’ fans as most of the utensils have sharks pictures. It is possible to add other shark tableware’s, decorations and games to make your party great.
  1. Shark birthday decoration kit.
This kit has; -    2 pieces of shark theme banner. -    40 ocean color balloons. -    2 little shark foil balloons. They have 2 rolls of silver ribbons. -    3 sheet shark cartoon puffy stickers. Image result for baby shark partyThe banner is a great piece for welcoming and greeting your guests. If one has a boy after the baby shark party you can have it in his room as a decoration.40 ocean colors balloon are 15 dark blue balloons, 15 blue balloons, and 10 white balloons.  The best part is there are more than 150 removable stickers. They have non-toxic materials and you can attach them on stationeries of the kids. You can attach them on their toys or at the back of their books.
  1. Shark swirl card and spiral décor.
The kit has favorable décor for both boys and girls. It has 15 shark card swirls and 15spirals. Shark spirals are of foil materials. It is because foil paper is durable.  One can use them apart from birthday parties in a festival or in a baby shower. On the other hand, swirls are light and can be used in other events.
  1. 30 fins kit.
The kit has; -    A shark game poster. -    30 fin stickers. -    A blindfold. -    12 glue dots. It is a game where one is supposed to pin a fin on the shark on the poster. It is a sure way to entertain your guests. The kit can be used in a kid birthday baby shark party, under the sea party, ocean or a pool party and in even in a classroom activity.