Why are cupcakes so popular?
Image result for cupcakeThere are many occasions for which we can use cake. The occasions range from weddings, birthdays, get-togethers and even wedding anniversaries among others. The cake is sometimes used to make symbolize wishes and aspirations for the occasion. For example, during a wedding, the cake maker could be invited to say the ingredients he used to make the cake and their symbol to the wedding and the couple. They would also further talk about the colors and what it means. Even though big cakes will always be available and widely used, Cupcakes have become very popular. Here are some reasons why cupcakes have become so popular. Cheaper   Cupcakes are generally cheaper to make and purchase. If you want to make a few cupcakes, it is going to be very much cheaper than when you want to make a big one. Furthermore, if you feel like eating a piece of cake, you cannot go ahead to buy a very big cake for just that. However, you can easily pick a small cupcake and pay a few dollars for it. However, you will never be able to get a big cake for that amount. This has contributed to making cupcakes very popular as you could easily buy it as a snack and eat at a go. Tastes better A lot of Cupcakes also taste better than some normal cakes. Cupcakes are available in different flavors that you can choose from. There is also that fact that in a number of cases if two things taste exactly the same way, the smaller one will seem sweeter than the bigger one. Perhaps, this could be linked to demand and supply, where if an item is available in huge quantity, the value reduces significantly, while when it is scarce, the value increases significantly. The fact that you will want more after eating a single piece of cupcake could make it seem sweeter, unlike when you have a big cake that you would get tired of eating. Easy to makeImage result for cupcake Cupcakes are also easy to make. You don’t need the big equipment or ingredients to make them. All you need are small containers that you can arrange into the oven, each containing a piece of cupcake. The fact that they are smaller also implies that they will require lesser time in the oven compared to when you are making a big cake. Cake samples Before most people pay for cakes or decide the type of cake they are interested in, they often want to get a sample. You cannot make a lot of normal cakes and tell the person to taste and choose one. However, you can make a cupcake with different flavors and taste for the prospective customer to choose from. Different designs Cupcakes are also available in a lot of very beautiful designs. This also makes them attractive to prospective customers. Thus, a prospective customer could order for their preferred design or a combination of different design and colors. This could easily add some extra flavor to their occasion.