Donut themed party ideas
Planning a party with a donuts theme can never go wrong, everyone will be interested so you should make sure everything comes out great.  Donuts is the favorite breakfast dessert for many people and you'll hardly find anyone who doesn't love them or someone who will say no when offered one.  One thing is for sure I'll show up at any donuts themed party even uninvited, I don't want to be the one missing out on any fun. With all that being said, here are some ideas to consider the next time you intend on having a donuts themed party. Invitation You can let your friends know just what they are in for when you send out your invitation, it should be designed with a donuts them. You can decorate it yourself or get a professional to do it, but whatever you do make sure the invitation you send out is all donuts advertising. Create a donuts wall This is something you can use just a little time in doing but you will be rewarded greatly. You can decorate the wall with colorful paints or use a big colorful board. Decide how you want the donuts on the walls to be, you can put it on a circle, a square, a triangle whatever shape you might think of just make sure the donuts rings are held upright and won't fall. Get a giant donuts pinata You can DIY a giant donuts pinata and hang somewhere where everyone will be able to see it and eventually will be brought down through the normal tradition. The party cake should be decorated with donuts Since its a donuts theme party there\'s no reason why the cake should be any different, you can even decorate the cake to come out like a giant donuts or just use donuts to decorate the cake beautifully. Your desert party table should have donuts written all over it The dessert party table should be well decorated starting right from the table cloth to the way the desserts are placed on the table. You can place as many decorations on the table as you want with a variety of donuts flavors and colors. Have compliments for your donuts Is there anything that goes better with donuts than ice cold milk? Have filled up glass milk bottles with either chocolate or white milk.  Colorful straws should also be added to the glass of milk. Have fun activities After consuming all that sugar there\'s the need to use some of that energy and can be done through some fun activities you might think of. You can just start with the giant pinata and get to other fun games later. Give your invites a giveaway gift at the end After all the fun, the time will eventually come for your guests to leave and you'll want them to leave with the best memories. You can gift them jars containing rainbow sprinkles so they can carry the party feeling back home and have something to remember from the amazing day. There you go, put all that into practice and have the best donuts themed party ever.