9 Ideas for a Tex-Mex Summer Fiesta Party

Tex-Mex fiesta parties are a great way to spend the summer. When planning a fiesta party, you can find a lot of inspirations for colorful themes. From tasty Do-It-Yourself flavors to eye-catching colorful Mexican table decorations, this article gives you 9 ideas to make your Tex-Mex Summer Fiesta Party the talk of the town; Give fiesta accessories as soon as the guests arrive There is no better way to the party rocking than handing funny accessories to guests as soon as they arrive. Beads, spicy chilli pepper-shaped novelty glasses, Maravilloso maracas and shot glass necklaces all make for great accessories. A funny sombrero face for an usher How do you know you are at the right Tex-Mex Summer Fiesta Party? When there is a silly sombrero guy with a colorful mustache and giant sunglasses at the gate. Include a fiesta banner and a funny chalkboard sign and you have the ultimate party. The usher can even be the one handing out the fiesta accessories. Magnificent table settings Maracas can make the tables look magnificent with their colors. They also come in handy during the conga line and your guests can take them away as gifts at the end of the party. You can also style a colorful bandana bunt with fluffies, traditional Papel Picado and Mexican soda bottles and string them over tables. Create a fiesta arch Salsa dances at a party are beautiful. Salsa dances under a fiesta archway are even more beautiful. Print an amazing custom-message Fiesta banner surrounded with fluffy decorations. The rainbow of colors created make it great to make merry, especially if margaritas feature on the menu. Use serapes and sombreros for decor Serapes and sombreros are the ultimate fun wear for fiestas. But they also make for excellent decors for a fiesta party. You can use serapes and fabric flowers to decorate tables and chairs while using sombreros as wearable accessories and party props

Use cupcake roses and paper flowers to create a fiesta centerpiece You can create edible cupcake roses and use them as a centerpiece for the fiesta party. Tissue papers can be used to create paper flowers that hold the cupcake roses. Serve drinks in colorful fiesta glasses Spice up your bar by serving drinks in stylish fiesta-bright tumblers, shot glasses and margarita glasses. You can even accessorize them with mustache straws! Feel free to make the margarita glasses jumbo glasses. Make sure these dishes are on the menu These great easy-to-make dishes will make your fiesta party the complete knockout. Pork Carnitas, Mexican shredded beef or chicken, lime grilled chicken, beef or chicken fajitas, marinated chicken, fish tacos (marinated then pan-fried or grilled), quick Saucy shredded chicken tacos and taco Fillings. Pork Carnitas goes well with tequila shots. Do not forget guacamole dipping made with coriander, onion, jalapeño chilli and salt. Theme park for kids And if there will be kids at the Tex-Mex Summer Fiesta Party, have a theme park for them to engage in kids’ activities and games. It gives the adults space to enjoy themselves.