How to plan a summer party for your work colleagues
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Not everyone in the workplace has a summer holiday planned. Some have to stay behind and keep watch as you enjoy yourself. There is no better way to make them feel valued than throwing a summer party for them. Planning a summer party can however be a daunting task if you are unprepared for it. The success of the party depends on the wholesome contribution of everyone involved. Here are tips on how to plan a summer party for your colleagues;
  1. Give the day off
The purpose of a summer party is to have everyone blow off the steam and fully enjoy themselves. If possible, have the entire team have the day off work. It can be a Saturday or a Friday. If a day off isn’t possible, at least give them the afternoon off for the party. It makes up for all those days they sweated their hearts out to make the business some money. The party shouldn’t be during school days as some colleagues might have difficulties getting a babysitter to watch over the kids.
  1. Settle on a venue
The right venue is key to the success of the party. For a summer party, an outdoor venue is preferable. There are many things to consider when choosing a venue for the party. Is it easily accessible from work? Is transport easily available when the time to go home comes? Can it accommodate everyone from work? After all those considerations, ensure that you book the venue early enough as outdoor spaces tend to get fully booked during the summer.
  1. Indoor space for the after partyImage result for Summer Party
Some people will want to extend the festivities until after the sun goes down, especially if they have the following day off. It might get chilly in the evening and this will dampen the mood of the party. Ensure that the venue has indoor facilities that you can take the party to when it becomes cold outdoors.
  1. Pick a theme
The theme guides the party and sets the mood. Your colleagues will know how to dress at the party with the theme in mind. The dress should, however, remain casual with only accessories allowed. They can also know what to expect. You will also have an easier time doing the decorations at the venue and planning the food and drinks. You can plan surprise gifts for the colleagues who will stay behind while you surf away your holiday. Organize a little ceremony towards the end of the party for the management to recognize the effort their staff made. Image result for Summer Party5. Plan the entertainment Ensure that entertainment is on the program. Depending on your budget, you can even hire a DJ or a live band. Give the people an opportunity to shake a leg. The drinks should also flow endlessly. The more people at the party, the more fun the entertainment will be. So allow your colleagues to invite their spouses or even clients who gave them the most business to the party. Don’t be afraid to ask for contributions from other members of the team. Send a group email and ask people to share ideas for the summer party.