Image result for mad tea partyA Mad Tea Party is one of the most exciting and interesting events that children and adults can enjoy. But, for this Alice in the Wonderland-themed occasion to be really memorable and fun for all the guests, it has to be done properly. Below are the tips that you will find useful when hosting a Mad Tea Party for your colleagues. Select the Ideal Venue: The success of a Mad Tea Party starts from the location selected and it has to be done properly. A park with a lot of flowers and green grass is just perfect. If a public park is not available, interior spaces can also be customized. Sort out the Invitations: Once the venue has been fixed, the next thing to be done is to see to the Mad Tea Party invitations and this is where the party is different from other kinds of celebrations. Your invitations should be very creative and interesting. It can be a teapot or something funny like a tiny kettle. On the invitation, have one or a few of the quotes from the movie written. This can be ‘Don’t be late for this very important date’. You can even tell the guests to ‘Be with me in Wonderland’ and that they should surely dress in the same costume as their selected character from the movie. Remember to be very creative while drafting the invitations and the message to be on them. Party Decorations: The most important feature of Mad Tea Party as far as the décor is concerned is the table. It is the center of gravity for the event and it is from it that all the tea is going to be served. Arrange the table in a way that has all the lovely cups, bright saucers, ornate teacups and of course, napkins too. The table should be designed in a way that has beautiful flowers and Alice in Wonderland-like features like keys, mirrors, clocks, and others. For a representation of the rabbit hole, make use of big queen-of-hearts playing cards. Teas, Snacks, and Treats: Of course, refreshments form a very important part of the whole event. Your attendees should be served different sets of teas and all sorts of treats. You should pay close attention to the age categories of the different guests and serve them accordingly. Teas feature heavily in this party and the more diverse the teas being served, the better it is. It is more efficient to make use of tea bags, it is also neater for the guests to handle. As for food, let it be a delicious mix of candies, chicken dishes, sandwiches and so on can be used to make everyone happy and full. Designated Party Area for Children: In cases where your colleagues are going to come with their kids, let them have an area for themselves too. This area is where they get all their fun activities done. They can set their own teacup designs and also dress up as characters in the flick too.