The Future of Event Planning and Social Media
Right from time immemorial, human beings have always been planning one event or the other. In the age of technology and social media, this inherent nature of human beings has not changed. However, what has been noticed is that the way events are being planned today is being influenced by solid input from social media. Today, events are planned with the active involvement of social media. The size of the event does not matter, from massive song festivals of 500,000 guests to private weddings of less than 100 guests, event planning is now being coordinated with the assistance of social media. Image result for party planning There is no way the impact of social media on event planning will be mentioned today without talking about Facebook Events. More than just a platform to announce events, Facebook Events offer a lot more to the planners of events. Event planners who are just discovering how powerful social media is to their business are beginning to take full advantage of the benefits that accrue to them via social media. Today, it is very clear that people are fully incorporating social media into their everyday lives as far as planning, organizing and announcing events are concerned. After discussing the clear relevance of the social media with planning of events, the next thing to focus on is what the future is going to be like as far as the social media and event planning are concerned. Image result for party planning The future is definitely going to be more than exciting as even more features will come up. A very good example of this is the incorporation of locations. The different geolocation tools available today can work seamlessly with event planning. Even though you will be interested in knowing who your guests are, the whole concept of event planning is evolving to become a lot more than that. With the deployment of technology, event planning in the future will be in such a way that electronic badges are going to be used as the tickets to several events, thanks to geolocation. However, that is not the only gain that will come via geolocation as there are other offers on the table. Events can be created; tips can be given to the guests and even options can be provided all via geolocation features. There seems to be no end to the gains that can accrue for a venture that will focus on the use of geolocation in the future. However, the integration of geolocation is not going to be the only defining moment of the future of event planning and social media. Specific social media platforms like Twitter will take on a new role in promoting events in a very radical way. Twitter is a lot more than just your regular social media platform or microblogging site. It is actually a very powerful tool in the hands of tech-savvy event planners and as it stands now, it can only get better with time. Technology is definitely changing the face of a lot of things, and event planning are surely one of those.